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Men's swimwear summer 2016

Swimwear Celebrities Will Wear in the Summer of 2016


The most popular Spanish brand of men's underwear and swimwear is already in Bulgaria. From the heart of Catalonia directly in Sofia – the best of the intimate world of Spanish celebrities and their underwear and swimwear.


ES Collection and ADDICTED are the kings of the Iberian Peninsula when it comes to intimate menswear. These are two of the most prestigious brands of men's underwear, swimwear and sports men's clothing, owned by an old Spanish clothing factory, which in 2006 suffered a real upsurge and succeeded in less than 10 years to become the market leader of high class men underwear and swimwear. A real hit in recent years, they managed to attract many celebrities in Spain to become their customers.


Many famous players were caught by the lenses of the paparazzi in swimwear models by the famous brand. Was it part of the advertising strategy or mere chance, no one can say. But the fact that last summer the handsome and famous former player of Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla, Aitor Ocio was filmed bathing in one of the popular beaches of Malaga. Defined as one of the sex symbols of Spain and the man with the best body among the stars, Ocio is a frequent victim of yellow newspapers. Such is the case with the famous pop singer David Bisbal, who was spotted many times on the beaches of Palma de Mallorca last summer while spending his holidays there.


Initially, it all began back in 1997 when the team of already existing during the 50-ies of the last century old Catalan sewing factory "Denier", joins a young and ambitious designer. Eduardo Suñer was then only 24 years. Today he is one of the co-owners in the company and the man who managed to make Denier one of the leading local companies in the area of ​​Cataloniaand leader in men's fashion in Spain. While at the end of the last century all the major brands went nuts and began to stock cheap products from China and Thailand, Suñer did the exact opposite. He restored local production and put emphasis on quality and unique design. Today men's swimwear and underwear brands ES Collection and ADDICTED are only produced in two factories – one in Barcelona and one in Portugal.


As of June 2013, their products are sold in Bulgaria by the legal representative of ES Collection and ADDICTED to Bulgaria – the online store


This year we will be able to enjoy a wide variety of patterns, fabrics and bright contrasting colors. Big hit are swimsuits padded that in a discreet way do male package noticeable and attractive. Pads can also be embossed, for greater effect, some of them may be removed and all withstand wet and laundry. In addition to the package, also available are butt pads with which men will now have greater confidence and more athletic appearance.

You can read more about the new swimwear at the blog, and if you want to order the new models, visit the online store, where up to April 10 can place orders for the latest models.


The new models men’s swimwear for summer 2016 can now be ordered online.

This year, designers have bet on combinations of contrasting colors combined with innovative technology to highlight the package. Men are starting to pay more attention to their appearance and clothing, and the beach or the pool in the summer appearance has only one name - male swimwear.

When you're on the beach the only clothing that allows you to show others your style and taste is the swimwear. So, the biggest Bulgarian shop for underwear and swimwear has taken care to select the best and most innovative models for summer 2016.


"Gay men are a big part of our customers and are very demanding, buy only the best, want to stand out from the crowd and be different. It is part of their nature and we all know it. For that, this year will offer unique designs swimwear for every taste and size, "said marketing manager of the site Martin Ivanov.


Pre-orders have already begun and the statistics show that especially in demand this summer are swimsuits padded front - for more ... noticeable profile. They are relatively new for our market, but already some of the procured models. Searching for more revealing bathing of popular brands ADDICTED and ES Collection, classic slip swimsuit Modus Vivendi, mesh swimsuit Andrew Christian and of course this year, more conservative men will prefer males swim shorts, which are available over a wide variety of models and colors.


For the first time will offer its customers special swimwear for surfing (board shorts), they are longer and more free to protect themselves from the sun while practicing their favorite sport. Water sports already in Bulgaria are gaining more and more popularity and are a very pleasant way to spend your summer vacation.








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