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Alsoto swim suit

Alsoto swim suit
Alsoto swim suitAlsoto swim suit - sideAlsoto swim suit - side 1Alsoto swim suit - backAlsoto swim suit - redAlsoto swim suit - red - frontAlsoto swim suit - red - sideAlsoto swim suit - blueAlsoto swim suit - blue - backAlsoto swim suit - blackAlsoto swim suit - black - sideAlsoto swim suit - black - backAlsoto swim suit - turquoiseAlsoto swim suit - turquoise - sideAlsoto swim suit - turquoise - backAlsoto swim suit - turquoise - front

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by Марин, 15 Jul 2019

Банските са много добри. Изключително качествен модел. Цената е съвсем прилична

by Росен, 09 Jul 2019

Много удобни и много качествени бански. Чувставам се супер удобно с тях.

by Слави, 02 Jul 2019

Мега свежите бански. Невроятно секси са

by Георги, 29 Jun 2019

Прекрасни бански в супер яките цветове. Много ми допадат

by Валентин, 15 Jun 2019

Имам няколко чифта от този модел бански. Мога да кажа, че това е невероятен продукт на още по-невероятна цена

Care Instructions

Перете бельото си според инструкциите- queerwearAlways Wash according to the

instructions on the care label




Перете всичките си бански на ръка - queerwearHand Wash all your swimwear in warm water. Use a mild detergent.

If you machine wash, select a program for delicates, up to 30°C




Използвайте PH неутрални препарати - queerwearUse only PH neutral and dermatologically tested

detergent so as to avoid allergies.




Сушете мъжкото бельо на въздух и на сянка - queerwearAir Dry your clothes in the shade. If drying in direct sun,

turn your underwear inside out to keep them from fading.




Не гладете еластичната лента или оребрените ръбове на бельото си - queerwearDon't Iron the elastic waistband or ribbed hems of your underwear.

They will last much longer that way.




Бельо от деликатни материи - queerwearDelicated Fabrics should be turned inside out before washing.

All clothing made of leather look materials, latex or foil printed fabrics should be washed

on program for delicates. Iron on low heat or, better still, steam from a distance.




Цветоулавящи кърпички - queerwearUse special "Color Catcher" cloths inside the washing machine

to preserve the colors and black/white clothing.





Не използвайте Белина - queerwearDon't Use Bleach! Not all of our clothes are designed

to tolerate bleach. Especially new colors swimwear.




Не използвайте Сушилня - queerwearMachine drying is not recommended

If your underwear is to keep its original condition




Извадете дрехите си след пране - queerwearDon't leave clothes in the washing machine for too long.

Remove your underwear directly after washing them.