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Welcome to our men's underwear store

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Swim trunk Squad Wing

Code: AB-QUAD-1-M-XL

The SQUAD swimwear is a classic semi boxer model, widely preferred by chubbier men. They are designed to cover well the intimate areas, all the while not leaving the impression that you are deliberately trying to hide something. The SQUAD swimwear leave enough freedom of movement, they don’t press or tighten too much the package and look really masculine and sexy. The side edges of the model give it a sporty look and remind of the old classics of Adidas.


You can purchase the SQUAD swimwear on our online store in light blue or golden tobacco color. This product is manufactured and designed in Australia by aussieBum. The products of this brand are a synonym of high quality, guaranteed by the quality control in the Australian factories. No product of aussieBum has been produced outside Australia. The brand has no factories in other countries – especially in Asia.

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Price: 77.00лв.
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- 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane