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Underwear of the future

Underwear of the future. In order to surprise the world, designers of underwear  put effort and imagination, which in the end make a really impressive models of underwear, that  are just waiting for their future realization.  The history and the past are very curious and carry their lessons with them, so that man can always go back. But humans are designed to live permanently with its ideas and expectations for the future and develop and improve everything around us.

In this aspect we will consider the three most impressive achievements in the male underwear of the future that will surely change the world and our perception of  it.

USarmy and engineers are working hard on a new project in an attempt to gain information about the physical and mental state of the soldiers placed in the field.

So-called project " Thinking underwear" will have a network of sensors that will transmit information directly from the emotional and physical  condition of the person to the facility, the level of release of dangerous substances, stress and blood pressure levels. This great idea would be quite feasible and will be among the civilian population.

For example  doctors will know the patient's condition and this could prevent accidents or  take measures for further treatment from distance. Known as PUGZ or so-called "Bulletproof Underwear" is developed by military engineers, in response to the rapidly growing rate of pelvic injuries in the frontline.

The iron underwear or PUGZ represents the boxers with secured and double armored protection in the inner thighs and pelvic area.
It would be better to apply to a more  practical version of this underwear for men in everyday life. Pretty good, it would fit into professional sport or heavy physical labor associated with risk of health.  Gladiators in sports clothing as Nike, Puma and Adidas compete in creating a more innovative and modern fabrics. This phenomenon is carried also among manufacturers of underwear and the most advanced in this race is the brand C-IN2 They used a new technology called Trans Dry.

You probably know that the cotton can hold up to 40 % more moisture than other materials. With the technology TransDry, the moisture literally disappears for a few seconds of male underwear. So stay dry for one moment, regardless of how much water passes through the body, or even on the hottest days. This technology might be used in the creation of swimwear for men. Advancement  of technology and the realization of the ideas of geniuses probably in future we could wash our clothes and then dress them completely dry and it is only a matter of time.