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Code: AC006-S-M-L-XL

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Price: €16.50
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Booty pads are the latest hit in the men underwear innovations.

Everybody knows that the most noticeable part of the male physique is the booty. A man with tight ass, bulging out from the jeans certainly makes an impression. But what can you do if we are too lazy or can’t find the time to go to the gym? The solution is simple and it is called but pads.

They are placed under the underwear and make the men booty really unique. When you are wearing jeans or other type of tight pants, there is no way anyone will spot that you are wearing the pads. They also fit nicely with short or gym shorts. The booty pads are a very nice solution until you can find the motivation to pay regular visits to the neighborhood gym. “To form a nice tight booty is not easy for many people and it is a matter of strict exercises like squats with a barbell, leg-press and other type of exercises, but it is always worth it because there is nothing uglier than a sight of a nice male body in the front with a flat ass "says fitness instructor and blogger Slav Ivanov.

Underwear pads are not a new thing. Ladies use them for their breasts from since forever, so why is it that men don’t benefit from this cheap trick? After all, when you're at a disco club, at work in the office, or out with friends you can always use pads, if need be. This will make a much better impression on others and you will get noticed for sure.

Butt pads can be combined with package pads as well. There are different types of pads -- some are bulky, others more subtle, and there are those specifically for swimwear that are invaluable in beach crushes. Have in mind that when you are almost naked and everything is on display, the only question that remains for others is the size of the package. And this is when the booty pads come in handy. They fill with a volume your package and make it more visible and bulging.