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Welcome to our men's underwear store

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Modus Vivendi

Underwear for the Gods! The history of ancient Greece is associated with legends for wars, love, infidelities and blood vengeances. The world-class designer Christos Bibitsos re-creates this lifestyle with his unmatched men’s underwear collections, inspired by the clothing of the old Greek Gods. That is why the names of the diverse collections incorporate the names of the Gods from the Greek mythology - Аpollo, Еros, Аres, Аtlas, Poseidon, etc. For instance, the collection Dionysus is known for its shining but tender and graceful fabric which will make you feel as a cabaret star. 


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Below you will find a few suggestions on how to choose the most suitable underwear for you:

All of us will agree that one’s attractiveness depends on what they wear, which means that our self-esteem is somehow dependent on the clothes that we posses. This is especially true for the intimate wear or the underwear.

How to choose what’s best for you?   r