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    “Men’s Bodysuit”

      Winter is the season in which we wear our warmest clothes and we seek for various ways to protect ourselves from the cold. Now the fashion world offers men a brand new option for them to feel both fashionable, and well-prepared for the winter time. The solution is a high-quality men’s bodysuit. Who says bodysuits are meant for ladies only? A bodysuit, made of the suitable, soft and breathing fabric will give you warmth during the cold winter days and will make you feel really cozy.   The latest trend in the world of fashion is a bodysuit for men which is made of a high-quality fabric, which does not allow sweating and over-heating while worn, it guarantees you the freedom of your movements, as at the same time the main purpose of this bodysuit for men is to conceal your beer belly and to retract your love handles. This would be the perfect option for those of you who have way more important things to do than sweating at the gym.   The cut of the men’s bodysuit is made in such a way that no matter the clothes you will decide to wear, no matter how tight they will be, the bodysuit will remain completely invisible to other people around you. This type of underwear is the perfect option for those men who spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter – it will guarantee you warmth and comfort through the whole time.   Apart from the practical application of this men’s bodysuit to conceal the imperfections of your body and to keep you warm, this underwear is the perfect addition to your collection of sexy underwear. There are numerous different models and colors available on the market now, and they are able to perfectly match each body type and they can satisfy even the most pretentious taste. This type of underwear targets the bravest and most emancipated men, men who are very confident and would definitely like to have a very strong influence on the imagination of the ladies.   Whatever the model of a men’s bodysuit you will decide to choose for yourself – no matter whether you will buy it in order for it to keep you warm or to spice up your love life, do not forget that the boundaries of your own appearance are only limited by your imagination.

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    Перете бельото си според инструкциите- queerwear    Always Wash according to the

        instructions on the care label


    Перете всичките си бански на ръка - queerwear    Hand Wash all your swimwear in warm water. Use a mild detergent.

        If you machine wash, select a program for delicates, up to 30°C


    Използвайте PH неутрални препарати - queerwear    Use only PH neutral and dermatologically tested

        detergent so as to avoid allergies.


    Сушете мъжкото бельо на въздух и на сянка - queerwear    Air Dry your clothes in the shade. If drying in direct sun,

        turn your underwear inside out to keep them from fading.


    Не гладете еластичната лента или оребрените ръбове на бельото си - queerwear    Don't Iron the elastic waistband or ribbed hems of your underwear.

        They will last much longer that way.

        Бельо от деликатни материи - queerwearDelicated Fabrics should be turned inside out before washing.

        All clothing made of leather look materials, latex or foil printed fabrics should be washed

        on program for delicates. Iron on low heat or, better still, steam from a distance.


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        to preserve the colors and black/white clothing.

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        If your underwear is to keep its original condition

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        Remove your underwear directly after washing them.