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    Men's sports underwear called jockey or jockstrap is the underwear that allows the skin to breathe during sports activities. This lingerie has become popular since the 1980s, mainly used in professional sports. Volleyball players, basketball players, and footballers are categories of athletes who take advantage of the benefits of this kind of men's underwear. The patterns are designed to hold the male package in place and allow the skin to breathe and the sweat to flow freely over the legs. Thus, in these highly aerobic sports, men avoid the inconvenience of being wet all the time with wet and soaked lingerie. In Bulgaria, men's underwear is popular under the name bandage. In a more tight form and with safety breaches, the bandages are also used as a fuse for the men's combat pack. The last years of this underwear already have very popular erotic patterns. We have to be honest - the nice, tight male ass is a pride to his owner and there's no reason to be a critter. He likes both women and men.
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