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    Men underwear

    Men's underwear is an important part of a man's clothing. In our online lingerie and swimwear store, you will find a really huge variety of high-quality brand lingerie models, colors and designs.

    Do men pay attention to their underwear

    Of course, not all men give importance to their underwear. There are kinds of slobs who rarely have sex and even more rarely undress in the gym and wearing lingerie purchased from the market is something quite normal. 

    However, we have focused our efforts on contemporary urban men who are sporty and strive to maintain a good figure and good looks. These types of men pay attention to their clothing and to them it matters what underwear they wear. Because the models we offer, in addition to sexy design and good looks, offer a tangible difference in wearing comfort. The fabric of quality lingerie is significantly different from the cheap Lord type lingerie. The quality and softness of cotton, the strength of elastane and bamboo fibers, etc., are things of great importance not only for men's underwear but for any other garment.

    Imagine a nice sexy man, with a well-trained body and abs, with muscular hips and well-shaped breasts, imagine him wearing cheap men's underwear made of coarse cheap cotton, with wide and deep men's shorts strapped almost to his chest - right would look funny and ridiculous? Now imagine the same pretty guy but wearing branded men's underwear with a low waist revealing all six abs on his tight tummy, with special pack lifting technology and innovative tailoring. The fabric is, of course, very soft and pleasant to the touch, and the areas with small, almost invisible holes allow for perfect natural cooling.

    What it takes to own such underwear

    In order to wear nice lingerie you do not need to have muscles, nor do you have to be a "wrestler", but simply have to be a man with taste and pretensions to your own vision. Such men are usually up to three times more successful than women, and men view them with admiration in the gym.

    In our online store, you can choose from almost 400 models of lingerie, imported from the best and most famous manufacturers of lingerie and swimwear in the world. We are representatives of brands that mainly produce in the countries of their respective brands. For example, ADDICTED lingerie is made in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Aussiebum lingerie is made only in Australia and Modus Vivendi lingerie is made and sewn only in Greece. Of the models sold in our store, only some non-branded models, mostly fetish and erotic lingerie, are made in China and other Asian countries.

    But what kind of underwear should men choose? Of course, everyone has different tastes, but overall there are a few unwritten rules. For example, men who wear larger sizes generally choose darker lingerie, wider shorts, and buy boxer shorts. Slimmer men wear low-waisted lingerie, cut-out patterns, and more elastic lingerie.

    We also have favorite models that we are happy to recommend. These are the white classic MyDay series shorts at a very low price right now, as well as the Whiskey, Red and Black Flag Slips, as well as Black Men's Gifted Trophy Slips.

    Last year we noticed a very pleasant trend - women buy men's underwear! However, this does not mean that women have started to wear men's underwear :) It turns out that women are increasingly buying underwear or swimwear for a gift. Sexy lingerie is a great gift for every man. Such a gift talks about sex, intimacy, it is at a good price, and you also give something original, branded and with good quality. Every man would enjoy such a gift because, among other things, men's underwear is also a practical gift that is sure to come in handy.

    However, which lingerie you choose will often depend on the mood at the time and the individual preferences of the client. Enjoy your shopping!

    Underwear Tips

    Underwear is extremely important for everyone. It is a label for aesthetics and class. If you follow our advice, you will always be clean, tidy, modern and with a great look.

    Always replace old underwear.

    Even a small inconspicuous hole is a sign that the underwear should be thrown away. Anything that seams sewn or faded gives you a good reason to replace it with a new one.

    Make a collection of men's underwear.

    Each man must have at least a dozen pairs of slips or boxers so that there is one pair for each day of the week and two, three extra for each case. If you are an active athlete, you will definitely need more.

    Discover your favorite lingerie brand.

    The brand is extremely important. This is not a matter of personal choice. This is a necessity. When you find the brand, then you will know what is right for you. The color is much less important than the brand. More important is the fabric that provides comfort. One of the most comfortable and useful for the skin is cotton.

    Discover your style of lingerie.

    It depends on your personal preference. However, whatever your style is, you should have slips and boxers, as not every garment allows lingerie to be seen through it. That is why you should be prepared for possible emergencies in which to wear boxers or slips.

    Wash your laundry after each use.

    Good hygiene requires washing after every use of underwear so you can put it in the closet when clean. In this way, the bacterial transfer is avoided. It is also recommended to wash the linen with bleach regularly.

    Avoid tight underwear.

    Free and comfortable linen is much healthier. When it is on you, the underwear should not be felt.

    Don't underestimate the spots.

    When it comes to lingerie, it means not just underpants, but also a tank top, T-shirt, even socks. Do not wear underwear with stains of dirt and sweat. If the stains cannot be washed, then you should replace the underwear with a new one.

    In the last years, lingerie has undergone a number of changes, the main one being in the fabric it is made of. Today, the market offers a variety of cotton, polyester and silk linen. Depending on personal preference, men can choose from several types of lingerie:


    Traditional slips have an elastic, waist-tight belt. The fabric covers the entire part of the waist to the upper thighs as well as the butt. Slippers are the second most preferred lingerie after boxers.

    Medium length slips reach almost 5 cm below the waist and shorts 7 cm. They are suitable for low waist jeans and pants.

    Both the cotton and more luxurious and silk slips in all colors are available.

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    They are the preferred lingerie for men as they are extremely comfortable and the freest. Their legs are straight and cut, and the fabric covers part of the thighs and the entire ass. They are available in different lengths ranging from 12 to 40 cm.

    Straight boxers have flared legs and a side opening. They are ideal for both suits and physical activity. They come in all kinds of fabrics and a variety of patterns. Boxers are the king of lingerie.

    Fitted boxers are a middle ground between boxers and slips, as they are cut as boxers and fitted as slips. They are suitable for all kinds of clothing and especially for tight pants and exercise. Cotton is one of the best fabrics.

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    Their waist reaches about 9 cm below the navel, and the thickness of the elastic belt is approximately 5 cm. This type of men's underwear covers the entire ass but does not cover the hips. Suitable for fitting low waist jeans and pants. They are made mainly of nylon and are a little more expensive than boxers and slips.

    Men's thongs

    Men's thongs are smaller than bikinis. They are characterized by the fact that the belt is a single band. They are suitable for special occasions and not all men prefer them as they are quite unusual for men's underwear.

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    In Queerwear you will find men's underwear for different tastes and preferences. Whether you choose classic, tight shorts or comfortable boxers, or else, our fashion lines are TOP quality. Ready to look sexy and irresistible?