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    Men underwear

    Underwear is an important part of the clothing of a man. In our online store for lingerie and swimwear you will really find a huge variety of designs, colors and designs of  high quality lingerie.

    Of course not all men pay attention to their underwear. There are a lot of  negligent man who rarely have sex, and who never undress in the gym and for them to wear lingerie purchased on the nearest market is something  we all accept as quite normal. We all know how the "province" is deeply inhabited into a large number of our citizens and there is no way of coming back. However we have focused on the modern urban men who make sports and strive to maintain a good figure and look good.

    This kind of men pay attention to their clothes and they are not indifferent what kind of underwear they are wearing  Because models that are available are not only with sexy design and nice look but offer a perceptible difference in the comfort and convenience when you wear it.

    The Material of a quality underwear is significantly different from the cheap lingerie like Lord. The quality and softness of  the cotton, the strength  of the  Elst and bamboo fibers are things of great importance not only for the male underwear, but for any other garment.

    Imagine a handsome sexy man with well trained body and tiles of the abdomen,  muscular thighs and shaped breasts, imagine him wearing cheap underwear made of rough inexpensive cotton with deep briefs uploaded almost to the chest. You would look funny and ridiculous ? Now imagine the same handsome  men but with branded underwear, low waist revealing all six tiles of his taut belly with special lifting technology for his package and innovative pattern to highlight his cheeks.

    The fabric of course is very soft and pleasant to the touch and areas with almost invisible holes allow perfectly natural cooling.  In order to wear this  underwear it is not necessary to have muscles, nor should be a "cool guy" but simply need to have a man with taste and with  his own vision.

    Such a men usually have up to three times greater success among women and men look at them with admiration in the gym locker. In our online shop you can make your choice from almost 400 models underwear imported from the best and most famous manufacturers of underwear and bathing in the world. We are representatives of the brands, which are mainly manufactured in the countries of the origin of the brand. For example, men's underwear brand ADDICTED produced in Barcelona, Spain, underwear brand Aussiebum is produced only in Australia and underwear brand  Modus Vivendi is cut and sew only in Greece.  From the best selling models there are only some unbranded models, mostly fetish and erotic lingerie that are manufactured in China and other Asian countries.

    But what kind of underwear will  men choose ? Of course everyone has different taste, but in general there are some unwritten rules. For example, men who wear  larger size generally choose dark colors underwear and for example wider and brief boxers are most wanted.

    For slimmer  men wear a low waist, cut in patterns with elastic male underwear.  We also have our favorite models, which we will be happy to recommend you. These are classic white briefs from the series  MyDay, which are at a very low price at the time and also the serie Whisky, red and black briefs Flag as well as the black serie Trophy for more gifted  men. Last year notice a very pleasant trend - women buy underwear !

    This does not mean that women started wearing underwear : ) It turns out that women more often buy underwear or swimwear as a gift. Sexy underwear is a great gift for every man. Such a gift means  sex, intimacy, with good price and also you give something brand new and original.

    Each men will be happy for such a gift, because among other things male underwear is a practical gift that will surely come in handy. Especially for birthdays, Christmas and especially for Valentine's Day, men's underwear is particularly wanted as a gift.

    What underwear you will choose, however it is often depends on the mood at that moment and the individual preferences of the customer. Happy Shopping !