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Men's swimwear ADDICTED

 Summer is the season of the hookups, ice cream, afternoon picnics, and of course - the pools and beaches. Spanish line of men's underwear and swimwear from Barcelona, ​​ADDICTED showed his latest swimsuit line Mesh Swim and will be hard not to notice them. Swimwear collection is not for those who just lie and relax on the beach. Sports swimwear shorts are designed for those who spend the day on the beach in active games and sports. The fabric is a perforated 100% polyester mesh and has a second protective layer that covers everything. Swim - shorts with low waist and thighs males cover as much as necessary. For better protection model has links that you can easily loosen or tighten. Swim shorts have side leg slits on both sides for maximum freedom of movement. For your added convenience, the designers have placed side pockets and one back pocket. Swimsuits are made in typical colors depicting the temperament of the Spanish man. The options are white with black stripes, purple with white and light blue stripes, red with black and white stripes, dark blue with red and white stripes, black with yellow and white stripes and green with red and white stripes. Each pair of swimwear has our logo in the lower left leg.
The combination of beauty, erotic and desire makes the temperature rise to unexpected levels and that is exactly the intention of the new campaign of Addicted swimwear for summer 2014.


addicted shorts

swimwear addicted



‘’Wet me!’’ This is the first part of the trilogy, in which Addicted Collection 2014 Spring / Summer will be presented - swimwear, underwear and sportswear. The three new collections that represent the most daring models until now, especially when it comes to design. To make a strong and recognizable campaign worldwide Spanish brand of men's underwear and swimwear offered co-operation with the team of Belami. No doubt their joint work together on this project will be an amazing experience that we will never forget.
Dylan Roser - a prestigious international photographer had complete creative control over capturing new campaigns ADDICTED. Boys from Belami and the team ADDICTED shot photo session in Cape Town, South Africa for six days footage from the first part of "Wet Me". The Campaign for men's swim wear, and the other two campaigns that we will see in the near future bristle with  paradise places, erotic photo shoots and videos. A plenty of erotica will be the main ingredient that will keep you in suspense.