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Welcome to our men's underwear store

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New line men's underwear - Twin by Modus Vivendi

New line of underwear and pants from Modus Vivendi.
Recently we learned from our friends Christos Dimitriadis (sales manager) and Christos Bibitsos (designer and owner) of Modus Vivendi, for their new underwear line called Twin. And of course we immediately included in our catalog this interesting and unusual underwear, so that our loyal customers have the option to purchase new models. The line Twin includes several models briefs, boxers, men's bandages and jerseys, shorts and pants. The word twin means double, twin, identical. The name of the new models comes from the black-and-white briefs and boxers with a special asymmetrical cut with one leg, allowing them to wear both separately and in combination with their other half, to create a truly unique pair of underwear. Sunny Greece has always been a place where ancient times liberated sexuality and lifestyle were honored.








If you've ever traveled in our southern neighbor you must have been impressed by the many statues and engravings in souvenir shops depicting sexual scenes of naked men and woman. This is something that it cannot be seen anywhere in puritan Europe. This liberation and sexuality underlies most models of collections of Modus Vivendi. This is the line Twin. In the collection you will find an updated version of one of the oldest forms of underwear - the traditional Maurice band Langot, inspired by the story of the first Emperor of united Indian maharajas and founder of ancient Maura. Chandragupta head fight with the Greek invaders left after Alexander Macedonian and in 318 BC he managed to unite the Indian nation and chase away the Greek legions forever. Impressed by the story two centuries ago of Christos Bibitsos,  he create maurice band of Modus Vivendi, which is part of the line Twin. Even more impressive is the model band boxer of Julius Caesar. Made of high quality ecological fine cotton with crisp white and deep black, this model can be worn in two different ways: as briefs or kilt-like skirt Greek. Another very unique and never seen before model pirate shorts twin track shorts with universal sport or club design for women who love to be different. These shorts are double that bind to two separate pan.
The cubs on each side, except as an accessory, serve to open the legs. It has two front pockets and the cut of the leg is a stylish curved, revealing part of the thigh, but not more than necessary. 
For this unique collection designer Christos Bibitsos said: "Sometimes in life there is two halves that make a whole perfect, right?"