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aussieBum Brief Whisky in color Cedar


Men briefs Whisky from aussieBum a "cheeky" and provocative design that comes from distant Australia. Made from a ‘warm touch’ combination of soft Australian cotton and a little spandex, the model is striking because of the softer variety of combination of colors, which brings about mood and attention.

The Whisky men briefs from aussieBum are made with special openings in the form of a crescent. One hole is just above the front pack, with only hints of what is down without showing anything, and the other opening shows very little from the top of the crack of her butt, standing very sexy and provocative. The main purpose of this design is however not to cause arousal. The briefs Whisky from aussieBum are designed to keep cooled down your intimate zone and improve your everyday comfort.

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Price: 38.00лв.
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