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    Our mission is to offer premium men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear at best value prices while offering impeccable service to our clients. This is why we are fully devoted to offer to you the best there is on the market.

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    Below you will find a few suggestions on how to choose the most suitable underwear for you:

    All of us will agree that one’s attractiveness depends on what they wear, which means that our self-esteem is somehow dependent on the clothes that we posses. This is especially true for the intimate wear or the underwear.

    How to choose what’s best for you? The underwear which looks and feels goon on us based on our figure, age, skin tone, anatomy and so forth. Some men have delegated the task of choosing the underwear to their intimate partners, but these are usually the losers who don’t really care how they look, the see the sex as nothing more than a 30-minute obligation in the dark once per week, and they enjoy sports, but by watching it on TV.  

    If you don’t fancy being one of those guys and you do care how you look, you want to be sexy and to excite your partners sexually each time that you are only wearing your underwear. To do so, you have to select your underwear carefully and follow the following guidelines in the process:

    The color of the underwear should be in contrast to your skin tone. If you have a darker skin, opt for the lighter underwear. White briefs with a blue stripe, for instance, would fit perfectly a beach tanned skin. If your skin is lighter, then it would be better for you to choose the darker colors, but don’t always go for the black briefs or boxers. Dark blue briefs with white elastic with a text will likely look fantastic on you. Don’t go for the too flashy and many-colored pieces as they are difficult when it comes to how they look on your skin tone a combining them with your clothes. Go for the underwear with a combination of 2 to 3 colors. 

    Don’t choose your underwear based solely on its price and place a greater emphasis on quality. The cheap underwear will not make you sexy and will not give you the self-esteem and comfort, not to mention that after a couple of washes it will likely look like a rag. Good quality always pays off, and the attention which a quality product will bring to you will surely help for some nice experiences. A product from aussieBum, Calvin Kline, N2N Bodywear, C-IN2 or Andrew Christian, just to name a few, will not wear off its colors and diminish its linen quality for a few years.

    When it comes to the design and cut, opt for those which underline your good parts and discretely conceal some flaws. As we know, the clothes have the ability to ‘modify’ our bodies, and this applies to the underwear as well. To illustrate this, aussieBum has the ‘WonderJock collection which makes your package look larger, Andrew Christian have Almost Naked collection which follows your body curves and the special ‘pocket’ inside leaves a feeling of comfort and freedom, Calvin Kline has a collection with the wide elastic the logo imprinted on it which discretely conceals a tummy, or the men’s bikini, jocks and thongs of N2N Bodywear which feel almost as if you are wearing no underwear and feel sexy.

    In terms of linen, opt for the natural linen with just a little spandex. The quality of a product to a large extent depends on what it has been made of. Lately, there have been a lot of innovations when it comes to the materials – new combinations of cotton, silk and spandex. The perceived expensive prices of some of the good brands products are often due to the good and natural linen which has been used to produce them.

    Boxers or briefs? Both have their advantages and a good advice would be opt for the boxers during the winter and for the briefs during the summer. Don’t be ashamed to wear jocks, thongs or bikini. It is a matter of personal choice and a matter of what you would like to highlight or conceal.