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    Ever since its conception in the year of 1997, Andrew Christian has become an iconic brand of men’s underwear all over the globe. Each underwear line of Andrew Christian has been designed using special technology and innovative fabrics like bamboo cloth, special cotton mix, and spandex blend, developed exclusively in the design studio of Andrew Christian in Los Angelis. The brand is a pioneer in improving the elastic band of its apparel of men’s underwear with its Anti-muffin which allows for longer lasting of the fabrics, all the while maintaining high quality throughout its long product. Perhaps one of the most widely known trademarks of the company are the so-called lifting lines that enhance the bulge and boost up the self-esteem of men. The Almost Naked line, with its anatomic design and the collections Show-it and Shock Jock, are one of the most exciting collections of the brand and are a testimonial of the innovativeness of Andrew Christian. During 2011 the brand introduced the new collection Almost Naked Infinity which is an improved and sexier version of Almost Naked. The new line has retained the fantastic comfort and lightness achieved as a result of fine quality materials and cut, however, the elastic band has been improved upon with its altered color now in gold, which has become the trademark of the Almost Naked Infinity collection. Not long after, the company introduced yet another line – Nano Fit. The line has been designed with the idea that underwear should be so comfortable that one feels like they are not wearing any. The bulging pocket has been designed so that when you sit, walk or run you feel no discomfort, and the materials comprise only of ultra-soft elastic cloth which follows the curves of the body without any corrugations. In addition, the Nano Fit boxers feature a special elastic band which increases substantially comfort.