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    Underwear for the Gods! The history of ancient Greece is associated with legends for wars, love, infidelities and blood vengeance. The world-class designer Christos Bibitsos re-creates this lifestyle with his unmatched men’s underwear collections, inspired by the clothing of the old Greek Gods. That is why the names of the diverse collections incorporate the names of the Gods from Greek mythology - Аpollo, Еros, Аres, Аtlas, Poseidon, etc. For instance, the collection Dionysus is known for its shining but tender and graceful fabric which will make you feel like a cabaret star. The Kronus collection comprises of black and white colors and straight lines, resembling classic men’s underwear. The combination of white on top of a blue background of the Hermes collection echoes the Mediterranean warmth of Greece, while the sensual charge of the Eros collection fills the void of the underwear just by the thought of wearing it. Make no mistake, with this underwear you will feel like a real God! Established in 1989 and being the most popular Greek underwear produced throughout the World, the Modus Vivendi brand has a number of different lines in its portfolio, designed and produced by the Greek fashion designer Christos Bibitsos. You may order items from Modus Vivendi by placing an order at or emailing. If you fancy our men’s underwear online store, please like our Facebook fan page named Queer Wear. By doing so, you will be able to stay updated with all new products and promotions.